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A global network for strategy and innovation executives committed to staying ahead of the pace of disruption 

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In an age of disruption, executives across industries share vital strategic questions.


The Outthinker Network is an invitation-only network of Chief Strategy Officers and executives leading strategy and innovation for large companies. 

Outthinker Network members get exclusive access to a global peer group of senior executives and world-class thought-leaders. They engage in curated learning, practical conversations, and 1:1 networking with connections hand-selected by the Outthinker team based on their needs. Network members get guaranteed access to Chief Strategy Officer Summits as well as prioritized input, access, and selection for Outthinker Think Tank research, public panels and thought-leadership opportunities.  

Membership helps executives solve their top challenges, be more effective in their roles, and drive the success of both their individual careers and organizations.

Step into the future. Execute with clarity.

Topics & Questions Explored

How Network Members Engage

When you face a challenge and want to learn how other members have addressed it, we will organize a small, virtual forum of peers to share their experiences and help you problem-solve.

Our team facilitates one-on-one OSN member connections and external introductions that we know will create value for both parties based on relevant/specific experience, knowledge, advice to share, partnership potential, etc.

Discussions with a top thought leader and your peers that you can attend from your office on topics of critical relevance to strategists.

In-person roundtables throughout the year with thought-leaders a peers on topics chosen by the membership body.

The world’s largest gatherings of chief strategy officers and business executives that lead strategy for their organization. Network, learn, explore partnerships, and solve problems with other strategists from across industries and verticals. 

We maintain videos, notes, and presentations from our in-person roundtables (while we do not record member discussions, we do record thought-leader presentations), arming you with a library of cutting-edge content. 

Members can engage in new research conducted by Outthinker – they can  influence research topics,  participate in, gain advance access to findings and tools created. If directly relevant/beneficial to their organization and additive to the research they may apply to engage their organization to partner on specific research.

Why choose the Outthinker Network ?

True Peer Network

Expand your network of strategy experts. Membership is limited to Chief Strategy Officers and strategy executives from large companies.

True Conversations

Intimate sessions that cap the number of participants allow for individual participation & peer-to-peer dialogue.

Actionable Insights

Chief Strategy Officers don't just think about the future we emphasize bringing in practical initiatives and ideas to drive immediate value.

Peer Chosen Topics

Topics are selected by members to ensure relevance and timeliness - formal business education can't update content as fast as the world is changing.

Advocacy & Recognition

Dedicated to advancing the understanding, clout, and role of corporate strategy executive. Benefit from exclusive media opportunities that showcase you and your organizations' ideas, expertise, and successes.

World Class Thought Leaders

We don't sell consulting so have no motive to prioritize certain thought leaders- we engage the best from a variety of top universities and institutions.

By strategy executives. For strategy executives.

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