Powerful executive
peer networks

Outthinker Networks members are chief strategy officers and senior innovation leaders driven to excel in their roles and create a positive impact on their organizations and the world

Outthinker Networks is a think tank that leverages the power of peer networks to drive future-oriented, enterprise-level impact.

Outthinker Networks membership is an essential tool for executives that want to stay ahead of the pace of disruption and excel in their role.

  • Stay on top of strategy and innovation trends, technology, and emerging knowledge.

  • Have a sounding board of true strategy peers with insights, advice, and best practices based on their real experience and what they are doing now.

  • Engage directly with world-class thought leaders from across the best institutions in curated events.

  • Fits into the flow of work and calendar of busy executives through efficient design and facilitation. 

  • Save time, spend less money on consulting, and get more done.

We serve two profiles of executives

The Outthinker Strategy Network (OSN)

Global peer network of chief strategy officers and executives who lead strategy seeking to drive impactful change in their organizations and career.

C, EVP, SVP level executives that lead strategy and drive growth for large organizations or business units

The Outthinker Innovators Network (OIN)

Global peer network of senior executives who are innovators and internal entrepreneurs driven to make an impact and lead their organization. 

C, EVP, SVP, VP level executives with 8+ years of experience working in a large complex organization

Cultural values

Smart enough to be humble

You recognize the need to rethink past approaches. New possibilities are more important than egos.

Driven to have impact

You are driven to have a transformative impact on your organization, industry, and society.

Future oriented

You want to stay ahead of emerging trends to ensure your organization executes the right things today.

Lifelong learner

You are a student of life who values discovering and creating new knowledge.

How members engage

When you face a challenge and want to learn how other members have addressed it, we will organize a small, virtual forum of peers to share their experiences and help you problem-solve.

Our team facilitates one-on-one consults to help you address your top agenda items offering resources, member connections, and external introductions based on relevant/specific experience, knowledge, advice to share, partnership potential, etc.

Discussions with a top thought leader and your peers that you can attend from your office on topics of critical relevance to strategists.

In-person roundtables throughout the year with thought-leaders a peers on topics chosen by the membership body.

The world’s largest gatherings of chief strategy officers and business executives that lead strategy and innovation for their organization. Network, learn, explore partnerships, and solve problems with other strategists from across industries and verticals. 

We maintain videos, notes, and presentations from our in-person roundtables (while we do not record member discussions, we do record thought-leader presentations), arming you with a library of cutting-edge content. 

What members say about the network

“A group of peer strategists who focus on practicality.”
- Kalina Nikolova, Yahoo
“It's amazing to connect with the best thought leaders out there.”
- Milena Schaefer, Fanatics
“The OSN connects me with other strategists are experiencing or have already faced the same challenges I am facing.”
- Tom Sholes
“Curated learning focused on my top strategic challenges. ”
- Caroline O’Connell, Equitable
“Very engaging dialogue. I’m compelled and convinced. ”
- Sukanya Soderland, BCBSMA