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Outthinker Networks serves senior executive strategists, innovators, and explorers driven to move their organization to the next level.

Outthinker Networks is a think tank that leverages the power of peer networks to drive future-oriented, enterprise-level impact.

We serve executives who are strategists, innovators, and explorers driven to move their organization to the next level. 

Outthinker Networks supports members to be more successful in performing their role, solving their top challenges, and in keeping their organization ahead of the pace of disruption. 

Members have access to a network of true peers and world-class thought-leaders they can learn from and engage directly with through a variety of meticulously curated events (virtual and in-person), mastermind challenge forums, and 1:1 individual networking conversations. 

We serve two profiles of executives

The Outthinker Strategy Network (OSN)

Global peer network of chief strategy officers and executives seeking to drive impactful change in their organizations to ensure they thrive in the future.  

C, EVP, SVP level executives that lead strategy and/or innovation for large organizations or business units

The Outthinker Intrapreneurs Network (OIN)

Global peer network of senior executives that are corporate explorers and internal entrepreneurs who are driven to move their organization to the next level.

C, EVP, SVP, VP level executives with 8+ years of experience working in a large complex organization

Cultural values

Smart enough to be humble

You recognize the need to rethink past approaches. New possibilities are more important than egos.

Driven to have impact

You are driven to have a transformative impact on your organization, industry, and society.

Future oriented

You want to stay ahead of emerging trends to ensure your organization executes the right things today.

Lifelong learner

You are a student of life who values discovering and creating new knowledge.

How members engage

When you face a challenge and want to learn how other members have addressed it, we will organize a small, virtual forum of peers to share their experiences and help you problem-solve.

Our team facilitates one-on-one OSN member connections and external introductions that we know will create value for both parties based on relevant/specific experience, knowledge, advice to share, partnership potential, etc.

Discussions with a top thought leader and your peers that you can attend from your office on topics of critical relevance to strategists.

In-person roundtables throughout the year with thought-leaders a peers on topics chosen by the membership body.

The world’s largest gatherings of chief strategy officers and business executives that lead strategy for their organization. Network, learn, explore partnerships, and solve problems with other strategists from across industries and verticals. 

We maintain videos, notes, and presentations from our in-person roundtables (while we do not record member discussions, we do record thought-leader presentations), arming you with a library of cutting-edge content. 

How we are different

Parameters Traditional Networks​ Outthinker Networks​
Established Practices​
Emerging Knowledge and Know how​
Source of Knowledge​
Proprietary institution branded research/knowledge and instructor​
Peer-to-peer knowledge and thought leadership from across institutions (based on merit and usefulness)​
Experience curation ​
Based on what's trending ​
Driven by the needs of members​
Business model​
Provider is part of a larger organization with complementary services (consulting, training, intelligence)​
Independent with no biased interest in the group, only to serve the members and their missions ​
To share knowledge through products (reports, consulting, best-practices)​
To build a global community focused on knowledge creation to advance organizations and society
Focus on expert frameworks – what everybody should do through instructor taught best practices​
Focus on building a future oriented mindset to better explore opportunities and build better companies for the world through peer-to-peer learning​
Content developed by experts​
Co-developed by the interaction of practitioners and experts ​

Outthinker Networks member testimony

“A group of peer strategists who focus on practicality.”
- Kalina Nikolova, Yahoo
“It's amazing to connect with the best thought leaders out there.”
- Milena Schaefer, Fanatics
“The OSN connects me with other strategists are experiencing or have already faced the same challenges I am facing.”
- Tom Sholes
“Curated learning focused on my top strategic challenges. ”
- Caroline O’Connell, Equitable
“Very engaging dialogue. I’m compelled and convinced. ”
- Sukanya Soderland, BCBSMA

Outthinker Networks team

Our team is dedicated to supporting members to be more successful in performing their role, solving their top challenges, and driving impact in their organization. 


Claudio Garcia

Senior Advisor

Nadia Petrik


Kaihan Krippendorff

Chief of Staff, & Partnerships

Zach Ness

Product and Content Specialist

Karina Reyes

Director of Marketing & Member Experience

Cori Dombroski


Claudio Garcia

Claudio is President of Outthinker Strategy Networks, a global network of strategy executives from large organizations the are committed to staying ahead of the pace of change.

Before joining Outthinker, Claudio was Executive Vice Presidency for Strategy and Corporate Development at Lee Hecht Harrison, where he was responsible for the expansion and innovation of the company with operations in more than 60 countries. Prior to this role, he was LHH’s President of Latin America where he helped solve critical business challenges and personally supported dozens of complex transformation projects for large client organizations. During his tenure leading strategy LHH, Claudio was a member of the Outthinker Strategy Network.

Claudio has experience across a variety of industries, including food and beverage, entertainment, and media and communications. In addition to his role at Outthinker, Claudio is a board member and teaches Global Management and International Human Resources Management at New York University’s School of Professional Studies.

Senior Advisor

Nadia Petrik

Nadia Petrik is the  Senior Advisor of the Outthinker Network Europe. She has been a part of the Outthinker ecosystem since 2009 as a Growth Strategist within our consulting practice. An entrepreneur at heart, Nadia spent the last decade building businesses and purpose-driven ventures. In addition to growing our European presence, Nadia serves as the COO at Thought For Food, a globally operating innovation engine for food and agriculture. Her previous roles include the CIO at the Sandbox Network – a collective of cutting-edge innovators and pioneers under the age of 30, a founder of a speakers bureau, and the COO of a purpose consultancy. 

Nadia started out her career on Wall Street as a financial analyst at Goldman Sachs and Citigroup. She graduated with high honors from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. She is a life-long learner, most recently holding a Sustainable Business Strategy Certificate from Harvard Business School. 

Nadia speaks five languages and has lived as a nomad for a number of years between London, Zurich, Maastricht, Berlin and Bratislava. Fun fact – she co-developed one of the first interactive puzzle games on Apple’s App Store platform and while taking a gap year painted over 60 abstract paintings. She presently lives in Bratislava, Slovakia with her husband and daughter.


Kaihan Krippendorff

Dr. Kaihan Krippendorff is the founder of Outthinker, a former McKinsey & Co. consultant and author of five business strategy books, most recently Driving Innovation from Within. A sought-after keynote speaker, recognized expert and popular blogger on the topics of business strategy, innovation, growth, and transformation, Kaihan is helping a growing cadre of leading companies and corporations such as Microsoft, Oracle, Johnson & Johnson, Kellogg’s, TIAA-CREF and BNY Mellon prepare themselves to compete in a digital, agile, purpose-driven future.

Kaihan is a member of the prestigious Thinkers50 radar group – A global selection of the top 30 management thinkers in the world to follow. He was also shortlisted by Thinkers50 for a Distinguished Achievement Award in Innovation – awarded to the person in the world that has contributed the most to the world’s understanding of innovation in the past two years. Kaihan is currently ranked the Thinkers360 #1 Global Innovation Thought Leader and the Thinkers360 #1 Global Business Strategy Thought Leader.

Amidst his dizzying schedule of keynote speeches, consulting projects, ongoing research and writing, Kaihan still finds time to teach at business schools throughout the US and internationally. Regularly featured in major business media outlets Kaihan is an advisory board member for a blockchain-powered transportation platform, an international food processing/exporting company, and a B-corporation focused on sustainable products and lifestyle.

A graduate of the University of Pennsylvania’s Management & Technology Program, Kaihan has spent more than a decade studying the intersection of language, technology, and innovation to drive competitive advantage. He earned his BS in finance from Wharton Business School, BS in mechanical engineering from the University of Pennsylvania, MBA from Columbia Business School, and Doctorate of Science in Economics from Abo Akademi.

Chief of Staff, & Partnerships

Zach Ness

Zachary Ness is the Chief of Staff of the Outthinker Network, a network of EVP, SVP, and C-level heads of strategy from Fortune 500 companies. Intimate physical and virtual events bring him together with leading experts in business management and executive leaders taking their organizations into the future. Since joining the Network in 2016, Zach has interviewed dozens of thought-leaders and executives to uncover practical steps and ways for organizations to drive transformation.

In addition to his responsibilities for the Outthinker Network, Zach manages the keynote speaking activities of Kaihan Krippendorff, one of the most in-demand speakers on strategy, innovation, growth, and transformation.

Before joining Outthinker, Zach worked for a medical technology company that designs tools to increase clinic efficiency in developing countries. Zach co-founded a startup company that has created a healthier and safer alternative to traditional tobacco products. His experience includes conducting and analyzing market research, project management, business and product development, social media, and marketing. Zach received his Bachelor’s degree from Middlebury College.

Product and Content Specialist

Karina Reyes

Karina Reyes has spent her career building her expertise in online executive education and product development. With a Bachelor of Arts in both Studio art and English Writing & Rhetoric from St. Edward’s University in Austin, Texas, she’s transformed her creative background into viewing each process or product she’s involved in with a multi-layered lens. With roles ranging from an operations manager, a newspaper editor, a literature teacher and a product manager, she’s honed a passion and expertise in delivering quality products and creating streamlined processes in diverse environments.
Karina’s other passion is foreign languages, having grown up bilingual with Spanish through her Guatemalan family, studied French extensively, and learned Portuguese as a fun addition. A year of managing an intercultural team through six countries in Latin America brought it all together. Books are treated as friends, and she’s never been known to shy away from new learning opportunities or adventures.

Director of Marketing & Member Experience

Cori Dombroski

Cori Dombroski manages the member experience for the Outthinker Strategy Network. Her professional background includes leading Sales Enablement and Partner Marketing for IBM data & analytics services and producing course content for the Growth Institute’s Scaling Up business courses.

Along the way, she has also been a teacher of language and literature and a lifelong student. Cori holds a Master’s degree in Spanish, teaches yoga classes, and has traveled to 35 countries. She is passionate about education, storytelling, and connecting communities of inspired individuals.

Frequently Asked Questions

The application process begins with an initial meeting to ensure fit of role, organization size and complexity, as well as cultural fit to join the network.  The final step in the application process is an additional screening interview with a current network member to verify cultural fit and that an applicant will be a positive addition to the community. 

The Outthinker Network has 4 cultural values that we screen for in all of our members. These are…

  1. Smart enough to be humble
  2. Life-long learner
  3. Both future-oriented and outcome focused
  4. Innovative thinker focused on impact and outcomes

Outthinker Networks serve executives from large and high-growth organizations. The majority of members come from organizations with $1B+ in annual revenue. 

The Outthinker Network membership body is comprised of a diverse set of individual strategists, innovators, and explorers from across industries. We believe that there is much to be learned from others. While other businesses/industries may appear very different in terms of their core product or service – it is remarkable how similar the challenges they face may be. ON members benefit from the open and honest conversations they can have with strategists from other industries who give a different perspective and may have experience with a certain trend or challenge that hit their industry before yours. 

Yes. There is an annual membership cost that can be paid monthly or annually.