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Organizations empowering internal innovators

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Outthinker Accelerators Network

Outthinker Accelerators Network is a global community of innovators poised to lead the future. Our network empowers members with ongoing access to cutting-edge insights and fellow innovators, enabling them to accelerate substantial transformations within their organizations and industries.

Accelerator members are forward-thinkers — whether they are rising talents in established firms, innovative entrepreneurs, or driven intrapreneurs — committed to driving the change needed to realize visionary goals. They are smart enough to be humble, lifelong learners, and driven by having impact in their organizations, industries, and the world.

By joining the Outthinker Accelerators Network, you will gain access to an exclusive suite of resources, collaboration opportunities with peers, connections with thought-leaders and executive mentors, and member-only educational events designed to accelerate the development of leaders who not only envision, but also enact, significant impact.​

Why members join:

What you get

Monthly virtual roundtables with a renowned thought leader and your peers to discuss a top-of-mind topic chosen by you and other members (e.g., AI, political influence, geopolitical trends, leading a team, managing up, business model design, getting permission to experiment)

Access a members-only platform loaded with tools, guides, methodologies, and session summaries tailored to the needs of accelerator members

Attend or assemble one-hour, online, structured brainstorming sessions with peers and coaches to problem-solve, share tips, and get practical advice on navigating your innovation

Regular updates and briefs on the latest trends, books, and concepts in innovation management to stay ahead of the curve

A secure and supportive environment where you can share, explore, and refine new ideas and help peers develop theirs

Why join us?

If you are a strategy or innovation geek, if you are a business builder, if you are an entrepreneur or intrapreneur that thinks differently, that sees possibilities where others see roadblocks, we would love to have you join us.

Building on Kaihan Krippendorff’s five books, decades of research, and the latest concepts from some today’s most influential strategy and innovation thought-leaders, we seek to help clients unlock the power of internally-driven innovation. We help innovators see, choose, and build support for more creative strategic options that unlock new growth and shape a future that works for business, their careers, society, and the environment.

Our Community of Experts

Thought Leaders

Some of the thought leaders who engage with us

Kaihan Krippendorff Outthinker Networks

Kaihan Krippendorff

Rita McGrath

Felix Oberholzer-Gee

Rob Wolcott

Renee Dye Outthinker Networks

Renée Dye

Tony O'Driscoll Outthinker Networks

Tony O’Driscoll

Mohan Subramaniam

Andy Binns

Faith Popcorn

Linda Yates

Tom Davenport

Vijay Govindarajan

Some of our Executive Outthinker members

Chris Brunone

Weichert Companies,
Executive Vice President

Eric Chesin

Anywhere Real Estate,
Chief Strategy Officer​

Lindsay Hanson

Senior Vice President, Global Corporate Practice

Ed Knapp

American Tower Corporation,
Chief Technology Officer​

Fariba Marvasti

Aetna/CVS Health,
Executive Director Provider Data

Jessica Miles

Holtzbrinck, Vice President - Strategy and Investments

Kalina Nikolova

Yahoo!, SVP Business Operations and Strategy

Lara Ramdin

Upcycled Foods, Chief Innovation Officer ​

Jeanne Schad

Microsoft, People Science Advisory Leader, Microsoft Viva Glint

Adam Zalisk

Amplify, SVP of Strategy​, Strategy and Development​, Innovation Delivery Lead ​ ​

What members say

About Outthinker

Outthinker Networks is a think tank that leverages the power of peer networks to drive future-oriented and enterprise-level impact. ​

Our networks help innovators, intrapreneurs, and corporate strategists to be more impactful in performing their role, solving their top challenges, and keeping their organization ahead of the pace of disruption.​

Outthinker Network members get exclusive access to a global peer group and world-class thought-leaders. They engage in curated learning, practical conversations, and 1:1 networking with connections hand-selected by the Outthinker team based on their needs.

About Kaihan

Recognized by Thinkers50 and Global Gurus as one of the most influential management thinkers in the world, Kaihan is the author of five best-selling strategy and innovation books including Outthink the Competition and Driving Innovation from Within.

Founder of Outthinker Networks, Kaihan is a sought-after keynote speaker, innovation catalyst, and advisor of business leaders and CXOs from some of the world’s most admired companies.

He holds undergraduate degrees from the University of Pennsylvania (Engineering) and Wharton Business School, MBAs from Columbia Business School and London Business School, and a doctorate in economics from Abo Akademie. Nobel Peace Prize Winner, Mohammad Yunus, said “Kaihan shows that with a compelling idea, anyone can change the world.”

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