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Beyond Hierarchy:

How Business Ecosystems are Changing Corporate Design


Dec 14 2022

Beyond Hierarchy

For the last two centuries, the Hierarchy has been the dominant operating model for companies, governments, and organizations. But as the pace of change accelerates and new technologies mature, forward-looking organizations are exploring alternative, more agile and human-centered approaches

A new model of business is coming into focus.

New research shows strong correlations between elements open business models and their impact on factors such as internal entrepreneurial activity, the ability to recruit and retain top talent, and financial performance. This new model of organization and its key components can be seen in a myriad of new approaches being tested in leading companies. A key focus of this virtual event will be on Haier Corporations  RenDanHeYi model, one of the most developed and popular of these growing models that offers much to learn from.

Join the Beyond Hierarchy event to…

Be a part of the release and findings of Outthinker’s latest research into Business Ecosystems.

Engage with leading management thinkers Rita McGrath of Columbia Business School, Tony O’Driscoll of Duke Fuqua, Kevin Nolan of GE Appliances, Martin Reeves of the BCG Henderson Institute and Corporate Strategy Officers from across sectors in a series of discussions of the new model “beyond hierarchy” that is emerging.

 Discuss key questions CEOs, Chief Strategy Officers, CHROs, and business leaders should be asking:

  • Is the traditional organizational model reaching its limit? 
  • If so, why now? What are the drivers of this apparent change? 
  • Where and in what situations will hierarchy continue to be the best choice? Where will hierarchy be replaced? Where will companies need to adapt? 
  • What successful new organizational models can we learn from?  
  • What specific steps should organizations take now? 
  • What kinds of organizations are most likely to win if a new business model beyond hierarchy takes hold? 
  • What are the implications for leaders, managers, and business owners? 
  • What are the implications for strategy (e.g., how will sources of competitive advantage change) and organization? 

In this virtual summit, we will bring together strategy executives and thought-leaders to attempt to answer some of these questions and raise new ones. 

Join the event via LinkedIn Live streaming HERE

The Agenda – Dec. 14, 2022

Time Activity
10:00-10:05am Welcome and setting the stage
10:05-10:25am Unveiling Ecosystem Research Findings
10:30-11:20am Interview with Kevin Nolan, CEO of GE Appliances
11:30-12:10pm Thought-leader panel with Tony O’Driscoll and Rita McGrath and Martin Reeves
12:15-1:00pm Outthinker Strategy Network Practitioner Panel with Kyndryl (formerly IBM Global Services) and Amplify Education
1:00-1:15pm Closing Remarks

Event Speakers

Rita McGrath

Author, Speaker and Strategic Advisor. Professor at Columbia Business School.

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Tony O'Driscoll

Professor, Research Fellow and Academic Director at Duke University

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Kevin Nolan

President & CEO of GE Appliances, a Haier Company

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Martin Reeves

Chairman of BCG Henderson Institute

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