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Frequently Asked Questions

The Outthinker Network has 4 cultural values that we screen for in all of our members. These are….

  1. Smart enough to be humble
  2. Life-long learner
  3. Future-oriented 
  4. Innovative thinkers also focused on impact and outcomes

The application process begins with an initial screening-discovery call with the President of the Outthinker Network team to determine if the applicant is a fit in terms of their role and organization size, sharing the four Outthinker Network cultural values, and their reason for joining the network. Applicants that pass the first screening call then have an additional screening interview with a network member to verify cultural fit and that an applicant will be a positive addition to the community. Following this call a final determination will be made about acceptance into the community. 

 Executives leading strategy for organizations or business units with $150M+ revenue are welcome to apply to join the Outthinker Network. The current majority of members are chief strategy officers from large organizations with $1B+ in annual revenue.  

The Outthinker Network membership body is comprised of a diverse set of individual strategists from across industries. We believe that there is much to be learned from others. While other businesses/industries may appear very different in terms of their core product or service – it is remarkable how similar the challenges they face may be. ON members benefit from the open and honest conversations they can have with strategists from other industries who give a different perspective and may have experience with a certain trend or challenge that hit their industry before yours. 

Yes. There is an annual membership cost that can be paid monthly or annually. 

Yes. Outthinker Network members benefit in a variety of ways from the Outthinker partner ecosystem. ON members get prioritized input, access, and selection for Outthinker Think Tank research projects. Members also get exclusive and prestigious panel opportunities, invitations and discounts for events, and opportunities to be interviewed and quoted in tier-1 business media outlets. 

Members participate in roundtable discussions, challenge forums, networking events, and 1:1 connections made by the ON team based on your current challenges and needs.  Events and connections happen at both in-person events and virtually online.  Modes of communication/connection include email, texting/text groups, phone, LinkedIn, etc. We find many members  engage in other self/individually oriented ways (coffee, dinner, meeting at conferences, etc, and form personal relationships beyond just business.