May 24 2023


12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

2023 Update: Geopolitical, Economic, Sustainability Trends and Beyond with Tom Crawford of Ankura

In this Roundtable discussion, Tom Crawford of Ankura will join us (following his last discussion with us in 2021) to cover and dissect an array of the most pressing trends and questions amidst the many forces at play in the world today. Ankura is a global consulting group with deep expertise in analyzing and contextualizing the many political, sociopolitical, economic, and technological trends, giving this discussion a rich context in which to discuss these topics.A large part of a strategists’ role is keeping a pulse on the ongoing fluctuations in geopolitics, economics, and any space that might have an impact on business. Tom will discuss the current landscape before engaging in an open discussion with the group on the topics most relevant to you, to help you feel better equipped to brief your executive team and leaders on these trends, while also prepared to focus on the day-to-day and quarterly performance. Topics may include:
  • The new role of data and the most advantageous uses of it now
  • How to navigate a potential bifurcation in the internet (east/west, China/US), and the new rules for how the internet works
  • How the development of a “multipolar world” will impact global power systems, and as supply chains exit China, how other markets might grow and shape how different geographic regions react
  • The outlook for the energy landscape after the Inflation Reduction Act, the impact on the marketplace, and the power shifts and risks stemming from a post-carbon energy system
  • Various trends around the labor force: labor shortages in different pools of talent, how are companies adapting and navigating the talent landscape, whether non-tech companies should be concerned with tech layoffs, and more