Feb 06 2024


12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

AI Foundations for Strategists with Eric Johnson of West Monroe Partners

As artificial intelligence continues to evolve and integrate into business operations, strategy leaders must have a solid grasp of the capabilities and limitations of AI. To provide an AI primer for strategists at any experience level, Eric Johnson, AI expert at West Monroe Partners will join us for a virtual roundtable discussing the AI landscape. He will compare different types of AI (How is Generative AI different from AI overall?) and explain what truly constitutes AI versus advanced analytics. Additionally, Eric will outline real-world use cases and prompt engineering while explaining and comparing large language models like ChatGPT-3 and Meta’s LLaMA.   Whether you’re an AI novice or expert, this session will equip you with the AI fundamentals and language needed to incorporate cutting-edge capabilities and considerations into your organization’s strategic vision.  Eric Johnson is Director of West Monroe’s Product Experience and Engineering Lab. He employs unique insight into emerging technology to deliver value and spark digital transformation. He helped launch a successful innovation lab for a national university that not only created space for experimentation with emerging technology but also paid for itself with incremental innovations. At West Monroe, he is focused on building new digital products with consumers at the center, working tirelessly to bring the voice of the user to the forefront and using human centered design principles to develop world-class digital experiences that also drive results for his clients. He possesses a unique blend of product and creative thinking, and technology expertise – a combination that enables him to bridge the gap between the art of the possible and the tactics of how to get there. Eric joined West Monroe in 2019 in its acquisition of GoKart Labs. When he’s not building digital experiences for clients, he’s often still creating things – whether woodworking, prototyping with his 3D printer, soldering circuit boards, or writing code. He has seen almost every science fiction movie ever made. He enjoys getting outside for hiking, camping, and fishing – and of all the seasons, he especially likes the cold. A motorcycling enthusiast, he has ridden coast to coast across the continental United States.  Pre-read: 

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