Mar 02 - 03 2023

Artificial Intelligence, Emerging Technologies, and a Special Event in Partnership with NYU

New technologies will change how we approach strategy.

There are multitude of technologies, both emerging and maturing, that will have a significant impact on corporate strategy. On March 2 and 3, 2023, the Outthinker Strategy Network will convene heads of strategy to explore how emerging technologies will impact strategy – both from the standpoint of the strategy role itself as well as organizational opportunities and practical actions that leverage this new technology to create new business, products, competitive advantages, and growth.  

(March 2) Michael Schrage of MIT will lead a hands on workshop on how recent advances in artificial intelligence (such as ChatGPT) will impact industry, organizations, and how strategy executives can be prepared to compete in the future and leverage this technology to improve how they perform their duties.

(March 2) Erica Orange of The Future Hunters will present and lead a roundtable discussion about how socio-political trends, tech advancement, and people/talent will collide to change the way we work. She will offer tools and frameworks to help individuals map out key capabilities, competencies, and build their own strategic roadmap for the future. 

(March 3) In partnership with NYU, the members will have an immersive experience with emerging technologies related to the metaverse including AR, VR, and blockchain technologies. Hear from panels and engage in discussion about the current state of the art, what the future holds, and where it can fit into your strategy. NYU will give advance access to yet to be published research and benchmarking tools that participants will have the opportunity to use and engage with.

Artificial Intelligence Workshop for Chief Strategy Officers with MIT’s Michael Schrage (March 2)

Michael Schrage

Visiting Fellow in the Imperial College Department of Innovation and Entrepreneurship and Researcher at MIT

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2023 will be a watershed year for enterprise artificial intelligence application in a variety of ways –  1) the purpose of value creation in the form of new products and services and 2) the purpose of enhancing and updating the manner in which corporate strategy is formulated, monitored, and adjusted.

In this session, Michael Schrage of MIT will deliver a roundtable workshop where participants “roll up their sleeves” to understand the possibilities of how corporate strategy officers can leverage AI to create, value, conduct strategy, monitor progress, develop foresight and competitive advantage through their function. 

In this interactive workshop, Michael Schrage of MIT and members will:

  • Enhance understanding of Generative AI (ChatGPT, Dall-E 2, etc) and its possibilities
  • Deepen understanding of Stable Diffusion technology and its possibilities
  • Discuss how Generative AI and Stable Diffusion technologies could enhance or challenge the role of the CS

Erica Orange of The Future Hunters OSN Roundtable (March 2)

Erica Orange

Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer of The Future Hunters

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A key skill high performing strategy executives need to thrive is the capacity to look at the future through a lens of objectivity- unbiased by their individual and organizational skills, expertise, experience, knowledge (or lack of knowledge).

The past decade has seen a transformation of the economy predicated on increasing levels of boundarylessness – whereby time, space, and industries are coming together and becoming more blurred. In this new economy, technologies that deliver Time, Trust, and Truth as a key part of the value proposition are having the greatest rate of success and impact (often enabling new products or businesses set to become the future core of the business).

In this roundtable, Erica Orange of the Future Hunters will present and lead a dialogue with members about:

  • Key trends and drivers of the new time, trust, and truth business economy in which we operate
  • How AI and automation technologies will disintermediate work and change the unique value propositions offered broadly by human workers as specifically as chief strategy officers
  • Generational cohort temporal shrinkage: pace of technological change requires us to group new generational cohorts into 2-3 year spans and how it impacts strategy
  • A brief look at disruptive technologies defining the future
  • The New Leadership Toolkit, the “trust staircase”, and new organizational culture ways of working.
  • The Competency Tree visual framework for yourself and the organization

The Metaverse and Emerging Technologies in partnership with the NYU School of Professional Studies Metaverse Collaborative (March 3)

In partnership with NYU School of Professional Studies and their Metaverse Collaborative, Outthinker Strategy Network Members will have the opportunity have an immersive experience with, learn about, problem solve, and engage in deep networking and dialogue about emerging technologies such as the metaverse, AR, VR, and beyond. 

  • Have an immersive experience with Web 3.0 technologies
  • Get first access to new survey results and research into business implications of metatverse technology and the opportunity to benchmark yourself against others and influence new research. 
  •  Learn how technological, talent, and legal environments are adjusting and will change
  • Engage with three peer OSN members who are “deep in the weeds” in this new technology- what is/will be possible, the questions you should be asking, and how you might navigate forward.