Oct 21 2020


12:00 pm - 2:00 pm

Ben Gomes-Casseres – Remix Strategy (M&A, Partnerships, Ecosystems): The Three Laws of Business Combinations (Virtual)

As companies look to external partners for acquiring even strategic resources and capabilities, they need a practical road map for ensuring these relationships generate value. What combinations of resources do we need? How do we manage them over time? What profits will we earn? Will they justify our investments?

Benjamin Gomes-Casseres, Professor at Brandeis International Business School, will share insights from decades of consulting and academic research on how companies create new value by “remixing” resources with other companies. Organized around three laws, Remix Strategy explains how companies can gain the most from their business combinations.

Ben is an authority on alliance strategy, strategic partnerships, and ecosystems and platforms that enable this.

HERE is a short video that gives an overview of Remix Strategy and some of the topics that can be discussed.

This meeting will take place on zoom. A calendar invitation and the zoom link will be sent directly to members.

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