Jul 18 2023


12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

Building Your Growth Engine through Venture Building and Investing—With Linda Yates of Mach49

The life expectancy of a Fortune500 company today is 15 years. While 88% become irrelevant in that time, only 12% actually stay competitive. PwC’s 26th annual Global CEO survey found that 40% of CEOs believe “their organizations will not be economically viable within a decade on their current trajectories.” These alarming facts are part of the reality of the ever-changing dynamics of the world today.

Linda Yates is the founder and CEO of Mach49, the growth incubator for global businesses with clients including Goodyear, Gundersen Health, Hitachi, Intel, Shell, and many more. Mach49 helps Global 1000 companies, organizations, and regions build their growth engines or ecosystems of innovation and growth for regions through venture building, venture investing, strategic partnering and targeted M&A.

Linda has worked with many leaders of companies, knowing first-hand from her extensive experience in Silicon Valley, that they must grow and transform to both survive and to thrive. But they don’t need another powerpoint presentation—they need to build their growth engine. Her latest book,The Unicorn Within — How Companies Can Create Game-Changing Ventures at Startup Speed is the how-to guide on making that happen.

In this Roundtable discussion, Linda will share the proven framework for venture building and venture investing, and designing your optimal growth engine in spite of the many obstacles businesses face today. She will walk us through the four pillars on which your growth engine is built: Ideate, Incubate, Accelerate, Scale.