Mar 30 2023


12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

Building Your Strategic Plan to Becoming an AI-Driven Organization with Tom Davenport

A hot topic for the past few years—and only increasingly so due to new technologies emerging in the last few months like ChatGPT—AI is making its place as a mainstay in the business world.For strategists, AI brings with it challenges in not only how to introduce it into the company, but how to leverage it with the current strategy and stay on top of the technology and trends needed to integrate AI successfully.

In this Roundtable, Tom Davenport— will lead us through a discussion in which we delve into the practical knowledge strategists need to use AI in an impactful way to make a real competitive advantage. Key takeaways will include:
• How to be an effective leader in driving AI-integration initiatives forward
• The ways in which you can use AI now to meet business objectives
• Aligning your team and organization behind an AI-forward initiative
• Discussing specific case studies that illustrate how other enterprises have used AI to achieve business outcomes
• Three strategic archetypes that AI organizations can adopt
• How to use data, technology, and machine learning to support your AI initiatives