Jun 14 2022


2:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Creating Synergy in M&As to Maximize Value—with Mark L. Sirower and Jefferey M. Weirens of Deloitte

Mergers and acquisitions are complex deals to navigate. While it’s easy to think of an M&A as “done” once papers are signed, and a post-merger plan is in place, the reality is more complex than that. For a Chief Strategy Officer, M&As come with an additional set of challenges that need a carefully-crafted plan to execute and deliver the expected value.
In this Roundtable, Mark L. Sirower and Jefferey M. Weirens of Deloitte’s M&A and Restructuring, and Global Financial Advisory Business (respectively), will lead us through navigating these complex challenges. Their most recent book, The Synergy Solution: How Companies Win the Mergers & Acquisitions Game, is an M&A resource supported by an original Deloitte study of over one thousand deals spanning 24 years (and worth over $5 trillion in deal value). They cover doing M&A right—providing end-to-end solutions for every step from inception to valuation, all the way through post-close execution, which they will address in this roundtable. Topics covered will include:
  • Influencing an M&A to develop a set of core and innovative options as part of your strategic plan
  • Transacting in an environment with incredibly high valuations
  • Preparing a board to be comfortable with taking on a greater level of risk in capital deployments
  • The process of educating and preparing a board comfortable taking risks outside their experience set
  • Managing change and building a fully new, combined business that creates shareholder value
  • How to bring people and a company on board while embracing the autonomy that made them a desirable acquisition, while keeping alignment across the business as a whole
About the Speakers
Mark L.  Sirower
 is a U.S. Leader in Deloitte’s M&A and Restructuring practice, where he joined in 2008 to launch the M&A Strategy practice. Mark has advised senior executive teams on hundreds of transactions over the past 25 years from strategy and diligence through post-merger integration. Previously, he built the Deals Strategy Group at PwC and was global leader of the M&A practice at the Boston Consulting Group where he developed innovative approaches to crafting M&A strategies, planning integrations, delivering synergies, and creating shareholder value. Mark has taught M&A at the Wharton School, and for 30 years, at the NYU Stern School Executive MBA program. He is the author of the M&A bestseller, The Synergy Trap.Jeffery M. Weirens is the Leader of Deloitte’s Global Financial Advisory Business and serves on Deloitte’s Global Executive. For more than 25 years, Jeff has advised clients on several of the world’s most iconic acquisitions and divestitures while growing and transforming Deloitte’s consulting and advisory businesses. He has served in multiple leadership roles including Deloitte Consulting’s Management Committee, the Energy, Resources and Industrials industry, and the Mergers, Acquisitions, and Restructuring practice. He is a trusted advisor to senior client executive teams and Boards of Directors, has advised on hundreds of acquisitions, divestitures, and transformations, and is an expert on post-merger integration and divestitures.