Nov 06 2023


1:30 pm - 3:00 pm

Cost-cutting That Makes You Stronger—with Sundar Subramanian of PwC

As economic uncertainty persists, companies continue readapting their strategy to weather the waves that come with it. Strategists are driven to take decisive action and make critical decisions quickly, often without much visibility into the future, near or long-term. A tool often turned to as a quick solution is cost-cutting, but in this Roundtable discussion, Sundar Sabramanian—PwC’s Lead for US Strategy Consulting business—will discuss with us why this could be a mistake.

Hastily cutting costs may lead to neglecting investments that while heavy in the short-term, may have large payoffs in the future. In this discussion, Sundar will lead us through PwC’s key learnings on how to efficiently cost-cut while mitigating the negative impact on potential growth, as well as:

•  Keys to creating a cost-effective, growth-oriented organization

• The importance of connecting costs to outcomes

• The need to simplify—radically

• Why it is necessary to build a sustaining, cost-focused management system