Sep 10 2021


12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

Designing and Building a Strategy Office

A frequent challenge faced by CSOs is determining what exactly is the function of their organizations’ strategy office is and how to go about setting it up. In this challenge forum, several members that have direct experience in standing up their organizations’ strategy office will share key points of consideration, where to begin and answer any questions other members with this challenge may be facing.

Question Set 1

  • What outcomes does your CEO hold strategy responsible for?
  • Why do those live in strategy as opposed to a centralized business function specifically?
  • What is the relative weight of outcomes related to forecasting critical market trends, effective management of strategic planning processes, launching strategic ventures and change management?

Question Set 2

  • How do you manage the strategy function to achieve the above goals?
  • How do you balance modes like process facilitator, high conviction, decision-maker forecaster and analyst, mentor, and coach?

Question Set 3

  • What is your strategy function doing well today?
  • Which outcomes is it definitely achieving? Where is it falling short?

[Current OSN members will receive a direct email with an invitation to participate and/or can review output from this forum on the member platform once the event has concluded]

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