Oct 06 2022


11:00 am - 12:00 pm

Establishing an Effective Innovation Pipeline—with Pete Newell

Among the top questions strategists have is how to not only develop, but bring innovative options in their company’s portfolio to life. Innovation is often thought of as an uninhibited mechanism for ideas—many ideas are created, and from those, we magically see disruptive services or products go to market. What we often don’t see are the in-between intentional steps that were taken in converting ideas to viable solutions.

Pete Newell is a nationally-recognized innovation expert whose work is transforming how the government and other large organizations compete and drive growth. He is the CEO of BMNT, an innovation consultancy and early-stage tech accelerator that helps solve some of the hardest real-world problems in national security. He served as the Director of the US Army’s Rapid Equipping Force(REF), where he was charged with rapidly finding, integrating, and employing solutions to emerging problems faced by Soldiers on the battlefield and was responsible for the Army’s first deployment of mobile manufacturing labs, smart phones merged with tactical radio networks, and tactical drones.

Through this work, he has developed an “innovation pipeline,” a 10-step process for taking ideas from early stages of development to seeing them come to life. While brainstorming ideas is no doubt essential to innovation, where people often miss the mark is in the discipline side of innovation—the practical, effective steps needed to see results.
In this Roundtable, Pete will lead us through his innovation pipeline, from understanding the challenges you will face, to designing your innovation pipeline, to determining what decision points and resources you’ll need to plan for, this process will equip you to see a clear approach in making innovation more than just a concept.