Apr 22 2020


12:00 pm - 6:00 pm

George Day – Thriving in the Era of Digital Turbulence by Seeing Sooner and Acting Faster

In this roundtable the network will explore how organizations can anticipate threats, spot opportunities, and act faster when the time is right. George Day will illustrate practical examples and lead a discussion fueled by rich examples including Adobe, MasterCard, and Amazon.

When turbulence is the new normal, an organization’s survival depends on vigilant leadership that can anticipate threats, spot opportunities, and act quickly when the time is right. Vigilant firms have greater foresight than their rivals, while vulnerable firms often miss early signals of external threats and organizational challenges. Charles Schwab, for example, was early to see and act on the promise of “robo-advisors”; Honeywell, on the other hand, stumbled when Nest Labs came out first with a “smart” thermostat. How do leaders assess their vigilance capabilities and cultivate insight and foresight throughout their organizations?

Join the Outthinker Network for a roundtable to discuss how to allocate the scarce resource of attention, how to detect weak signals and separate them from background noise, and how to respond strategically before competitors do. The challenge is not just to act faster but to act wisely, and the authors suggest ways to create dynamic portfolios of options.

You will leave this roundtable with an action agenda and tips for fostering vigilance and agility throughout an organization. The rewards are stronger market positions, higher profits and growth, more motivated employees, and organization longevity.

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