Jan 21 2021


11:00 am - 12:00 pm

How to Organize Sales and Marketing Teams? Geography or Industry?

An Outthinker Strategy Network member is thinking about the structure of their sales and marketing teams and how best to organize. They request input from other members about what their experience is with industry vs. geographical orientation of sales forces. Industry-specific competency is clearly important. But as you move down to Midsize enterprise how relevant is having Industry expertise? Which industries are still seen as having geographical differences, and why is this the case? Where have you seen successful hybrid industry and geographic segmentation strategies be successful? Do you see specific traits that play a key role in the success of these hybrid models?

Some other related questions include…

  1. The shift to Xaas/recurring revenue models- What best practices/approaches are to the compensation model for the sales force as a company moves from traditional sales approach to Xaas model/approach?
  2. How to monetize sustainability and diversity/inclusion investments in sales approach (e.g. will customers see the value proposition)?
  3. How will the sales process evolve in B2B industries… is Zoom the future or likely to go back to primarily in-person meetings
  4. How have sales strategies and structures changed for companies that have deployed Customer Success Teams – or how are they changing/evolving?

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