May 11 2023


2:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Identifying Key Areas for Growth Challenge Forum

Over 45 years, our organization has grown from an entrepreneurial startup to a successful global risk consultancy with a strong brand and 36 global offices. The company has always relied on organic growth, often on the back of opportunistic and entrepreneurial zeal, resulting in an organizationally complex structure with mixed business models managed on a matrix basis (regional and departmental.) Now, we are challenged to move to a more strategically-focused mindset to determine where to place the biggest bets for growth, without destroying the underlying collaborative firm behaviors and entrepreneurial culture. In parallel, we have embarked on a digital transformation program, and this should also be taken into consideration into where we place our strategic bets. It would be helpful to speak with members who have experience with a transition from organic to more strategic growth. Which approaches have you used to simplify, prioritize, and identify the biggest opportunities?