Mar 28 2024


2:00 pm - 3:00 pm

A Kidnap Negotiator’s Guide to Influence and Persuasion with Scott Walker

Strategists and intrapreneurial leaders regularly need to influence stakeholders to propel their ideas forward and drive outcomes. Scott Walker is no stranger to influence and persuasion. As one of the world’s most experienced kidnap-for-ransom negotiators, he has successfully resolved life-or-death crises, facing down gang leaders, pirates, cyberhackers, and extortionists. Drawing on his extensive experience, Scott will deliver a masterclass in influence under the most high-stakes situations.

Members will learn:

  • Research-backed approaches to remaining calm under pressure
  • Skills for actively listening, demonstrating emotional intelligence, and managing disagreements
  • Practical techniques to achieve win-win resolutions
  • Real-world stories with key lessons you can integrate immediately into your negotiation toolkit

Scott Walker is one of the world’s most experienced kidnap-for-ransom negotiators. He has helped to resolve more than three hundred cases, along with other crises, such as piracy and cyber-extortion attacks. He spent sixteen years as a Scotland Yard detective engaged in covert, counterterrorist, and kidnapping operations. He left the police force in 2015 to support organizations, government departments, and private individuals in negotiating the release of hostages all over the world. He is sought after worldwide as a speaker, and he coaches executives and leaders at all levels on how to enhance their resilience, develop their emotional intelligence, and perfect their communication skills. He consults with companies to help them build a resilient culture and develop engaged, fulfilled, purpose-driven, and productive teams.


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