Strategies for Sustainability Transformation

"Sustainability" has become the new hot topic in strategy and transformation. It has many interpretations and definitions, so in this challenge forum we will discuss any parts of the below questions around which you have done some work or at least some thinking: The overarching goal is to capture/deliver more value as a responsible/social enterprise, […]

Upcoming Trends that Will Influence Strategists in 2022 and Beyond

A trend describes a deep social and cultural movement forward for at least a decade out, and it affects consumers—and ultimately businesses—in every way imaginable. As a strategist, staying on top of these trends is essential. In this upcoming Roundtable, futurist Faith Popcorn joins us to share her data and insights on upcoming pivotal trends—just […]

The Future of Doing Business in China

In this challenge forum Outthinker Strategy Network members will discuss the Future of Doing Business in China . They will be joined by expert guest John Holden, Senior Director and Leader of China Practice at McLarty Associates. OSN members will receive an email invitation to take part in this event with limited space.

Professional Development: Next Steps for a CSO

What activities are you focusing on to further your personal and professional development? What do you see as the next steps in your strategy career? What is the future career path of a CSO? OSN members will receive an email invitation to participate in this session with limited capacity.

Landing board seats for strategy executives

Strategy officers seek positions on corporate boards for a number of reasons: professional advancement, the satisfaction of contributing to a team, the opportunity to expand their skills and knowledge, or career advancement. Whether you are exploring board opportunities now or plan to in the future, Mike Lorelli, founder of Faster Landings—an executive coaching consultancy for […]

Best Practices for Board Strategy Sessions

How can CSOs help facilitate sessions at the board level? Often, strategists talk about plans but aren't able to "bring it to life" for the board. Have you found any less-traditional approaches to working with the board? How do you create an experience that flows to the board in a productive way? OSN members will […]

Navigating Trends & Shifts in the Workplace — Now & in the Future with Peter Cappelli

Companies and leaders worldwide have been reshaping what the future workplace looks like, and have been met with challenge after challenge: pandemic lockdowns, employee burnout and talent shortages, and an accelerated shift in the balance of power from employers to workers. But It's no surprise to anyone that the pandemic accelerated the trajectory it was […]