Dec 17 2020


12:00 pm - 2:00 pm

Managing a strategy career and building your strategy team – Chad Oakley of Charles Aris Executive Search

In this roundtable, the Outthinker Strategy Network will engage with Chad Oakley, CEO of Charles Aris, a premier executive search firm where he is responsible for leading the company’s Strategy and Corporate Development practice.

Chad will engage the group in two discussions…

  1. Managing your personal strategy career and
  2. Building out your strategy team

Some specific questions that will be covered…

  • Can I have a career in just strategy?
  • What are the latest required and upcoming skillsets needed for CSOs and other members of the strategy team?
  • Can I do both a strategy role and P&L role?
  • BD, M&A, and partnerships: Should this be included in the strategy role or kept separate?
  • Should the strategy function/team be used as a training/opportunity ground for high-potential talent?
  • How can one make a pivot to a new industry? What skillsets are needed and how does one present oneself?
  • Should we be location agnostic when searching for talent?
  • Tips for successful onboarding

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