Nov 01 2023


1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

Mastering the Art of Strategic Communication with Matt Abrahams

Of the many skills demanded by the executive leadership roles, communication is one of the most seemingly simplistic—yet highly powerful ones. Mastering the art of strategic communication enables strategists to excel in their roles while leading enterprises through pivotal changes, enacting buy-in from others, and condensing complex strategy plans into actionable execution.

In this Roundtable discussion, we are joined by Matt Abrahams, communication expert, Stanford lecturer, and host of Think Fast, Talk Smart: The Podcast, who will discuss tangible, actionable skills to help any s succeed when communicating and speaking. Matt will share with us science-based strategies for navigating high-stakes conversations, such as strategic agendas, crafting compelling pitches, managing difficult conversations, improving spontaneous conversation, and communicating in concise, relevant, compelling, and memorable ways regardless of the audience.