Apr 21 2023


1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

Navigating Investment and M&A in the Current Age of Tech and Economics—with Jonathan Knee

Jonathan Knee is a senior advisor at Evercore—a global independent investment banking advisory firm—with over 25 years of relevant experience, including roles as managing director and co-head of the media group at Morgan Stanley. He also was the publishing sector head in the communications, media and entertainment group at Goldman, Sachs & Co. He has written extensively on corporate finance, investment banking, and private equity—including several published books including The Accidental Investment Banker and The Platform Delusion: Who Wins and Loses in the Age of Tech Titans—and currently is also a professor at Columbia Business School.

Jonathan’s investment work is focused on understanding the challenges and opportunities facing corporations and investors in today’s complex and rapidly-changing business environment, especially in light of emerging tech trends and the volatility in the equity and debt markets.. In this roundtable, Jonathan will discuss among other investment and M&A topics:

  • Understanding the current climate within the investment world
  • Cultivating beneficial relationships with investment bankers
  • Insights into how to structure conversations and deals to create mutual agreements
  • Key strategies the most successful corporations employ to stay ahead in investment world, including how M&A themes have shifted for 2023