Dec 13 2023


12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

ParanoiaLand – Trends from Futurist Faith Popcorn into 2024 and Beyond

Join Outthinker Networks and futurist Faith Popcorn as she presents ParanoiaLand, her 2024 “Popcorn Report.”The New York Times has called Faith, “The Trend Oracle.” Fortune Magazine named her the “Nostradamus of Marketing” and she is recognized as America’s foremost trend expert. Faith long ago predicted the demand for fresh foods and four-wheel drives, as well as the spiritual tenor of the millennium with Cocooning. She was the first to anticipate the explosive growth of home delivery, home businesses and home shopping. Additionally, she predicted the rise of social media and has her own significant following on Instagram and Twitter.

A dynamic public speaker, Faith regularly shares her interactive FutureView presentation which focuses on how Trends are affecting consumer lifestyles and purchasing behavior, with thousands of audiences across the globe. Heralded for her extraordinary ability to forecast emerging consumer patterns, Faith is frequently interviewed and cited in the media by The New York Times, Time, Newsweek, Fortune, “The Today Show,” “Face the Nation,” and CNN.