May 12 2020


12:00 pm - 6:00 pm

Safi Bahcall – Loonshots: How to Nurture the Crazy Ideas That Win Wars, Cure Diseases, and Transform Industries

In his book, Loonshots, physicist and entrepreneur Safi Bahcall reveals a surprising new way of thinking about the mysteries of group behavior that challenges everything we thought we knew about nurturing radical breakthroughs. If you want to become the initiator, rather than the victim, of innovative surprise, Loonshots is for you.

Drawing on the science of phase transitions, Bahcall shows why teams, companies, or any group with a mission will suddenly change from embracing wild new ideas to rejecting them, just as flowing water will suddenly change into ice. Mountains of print have been written about cultureLoonshots identifies the small shifts in structure that control this transition, the same way that temperature controls the change from water to ice.

Using examples that range from the spread of fires in forests to the hunt for terrorists online, and stories of thieves and geniuses and kings, Bahcall shows how this new kind of science helps us understand the behavior of companies and the fate of empires. Loonshots distills these insights into practical lessons for creatives, entrepreneurs, and visionaries everywhere.

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