Jan 16 2020


12:00 pm - 6:00 pm

Saul Berman, Fabrice Lebegue, and Doug Shapiro – Big Data Strategy

As data becomes a growing source of competitive advantage and value, companies that hold on exclusively to traditional sources of advantage are at risk. But unlike other sources of advantage such inputs, capabilities, customer captivity, and scale, data by its nature is not of limited supply and which data is valuable is not immediately evident. The growth in the importance of data is already introducing opportunities to enter entirely new business models while, at the same time, changing the basis on which current business models compete.

Is data really the new “oil?” What data will be valuable? How does one monetize it? How to operations, pricing strategies, and business models evolve? Who will win and who will be left behind?

Our guest thought-leaders will unveil soon-to-be-published research on the emerging role of data in business and engage participants in dialogue around its implications. Our thought leaders will be:

Saul J. Berman, Ph.D.: the Chief Strategist, VP & Interactive Experience Partner for IBM Global Business Services. He was previously Global Lead Partner for the IBM Strategy & Transformation Global team within IBM Global Business Services (GBS). Saul built a forward-thinking worldwide team of IBM consultants focused on delivering business value through business, technology and operations strategy engagements as well as organizational change initiatives.

Fabrice Lebegue: serves as Vice President and Sr Partner, Global Technology and Data Practice Leader. Fabrice has re-joined IBM after 12 years at BCG where he worked with BCG North American and Global clients on technology and data-enabled strategies and transformations, before leading their US Platinion Division, the BCG unit focused on digital, technology and data.

Doug Shapiro: Former Chief Strategy Officer of Turner Broadcasting. He developed strategies that extended the company’s competitive position and evaluated new business opportunities. Including identifying new trends and business models, helping assess potential acquisitions and strategic investments and coordinating activities across our business units. Shapiro oversaw Turner’s domestic Research and Consumer Insights team and its Media group, with the goal of better-using data and insights to inform Turner’s strategic decisions.

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