Aug 24 2021


2:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Successfully Launching Innovations to Customer Solutions (by using internal spaces to incubate and experiment) with Liliana Cerilo, Head of Strategy at The Exploratory at Google

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Successfully Launching Innovations into Customer Solutions

When we think about innovation, we often think about breakthroughs, never seen before products as the way to revolutionize an industry. What we tend to overlook is that there are many other ways to bring to life product innovation. One way is by starting off incubating and experimenting, and yet another is by inventing new ways to use the products altogether, from one industry to another.

In this roundtable, we’ll discuss bringing innovative solutions to life with Liliana Cerilo, Head of Strategy at The Exploratory, an innovative team within Google whose mission is to build transformational solutions that solve their largest brand partners’ most critical business challenges.

In this discussion Liliana will cover:

  • How to identify and articulate what big critical business challenge to pursue
  • How to identify if a customer is truly ready to innovate – walking the walk
  • A few uses cases that bring to life innovative solutions
  • How to look at existing products in innovative ways
  • How to embrace that each product’s journey can be different (being first to bring the product to market, to experiment first, to dive in immediately, etc.)
  • How to scale the product solution internally and externally

Liliana Cerilo, Head of Strategy, The Exploratory, Google

Liliana has been with Google for almost 9 years. As Head of Strategy for the Exploratory, Liliana is building technology-driven business innovation partnerships with the world’s largest brands. Working with product teams across Google and Alphabet, these partnerships leverage groundbreaking innovation to solve critical business challenges and help future-proof against evolving industries.

Prior to joining Google, Liliana had a combined 12 years experience working in U.S. advertising agencies in both the Mainstream and Multicultural markets in Miami and New York. She has led insight generation and strategy development for top blue chip clients across various categories. Some of them included Heineken, Heineken Light, Wendy’s, IKEA, CitiFinancial, Verizon Wireless, MINI, Molson Canadian, Miller Light, Burger King, Wheat Thins, Planter’s Peanuts, among others.

As a champion of the less privileged and an advocate for inclusivity and diversity, Liliana serves on the Board of Directors of Beauty Bus, and right before COVID, when having conferences in person was a thing, she was one of the pioneers for the Latinas at Google Summit, bringing together more than 500 women from across the company to network, bond and expand their workplace community.

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