Apr 23 2024


12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

Transforming Your Company at the Speed of Disruption with Steve Dennis

Are you truly transforming your organization at the pace required to avoid extinction, or are you settling for incremental changes? 

This month’s roundtable guest, Steve Dennis, author of Leaders Leap, argues that most business transformations are doomed to fail due to two fundamental reasons: their leaders don’t aim high enough, delivering incremental changes rather than something truly remarkable, and they move far too slowly to keep up with the pace of disruption. 

Strategy, team building, and process planning are essential, but they are not enough to guarantee success. In this session, Steve will make the case for why leaders need a complete metamorphosis of mindset to prevent their organizations from becoming irrelevant.  

Members will learn: 

  • How the accelerating pace of disruption is making old strategic frameworks useless and why you need to think bigger, act more boldly, and move much faster. 
    How ego prevents leaders from seeing this new reality and can limit acceptance of new strategies for change. 
  • How fear and pride constrain vision and lead to timid transformation programs that are virtually guaranteed to fail. 
  • Why decades of leadership experience can undermine the ability to let go of outdated ideas to think and act more boldly. 

Drawing from case studies and experience from his 40-year career where he ascended to leadership roles at two Fortune 500 companies, Steve will guide you to create important strategic and mental shifts to help your organization make the leap from timid to thriving. 

 Speaker Bio 

Steve Dennis is a strategic advisor, keynote speaker, podcast host, and bestselling author of Remarkable Retail and his latest, Leaders Leap (coming April 23, 2024.) He has been named a top global retail influencer by multiple organizations, and his thoughts on the future of shopping are regularly shared in his role as a Forbes Senior Contributor, as well as through other media, including CNN, The Wall Street Journal, and Bloomberg. As a sought-out keynote speaker, Steve has delivered talks on six continents, sharing his unique perspective on what it takes to reignite customer growth in a world of unrelenting change and shifting consumer preferences. Steve is President of SageBerry Consulting, where he has advised dozens of brands on their growth strategies. Prior to founding Sageberry, he was chief strategy officer and SVP, multichannel marketing at the Neiman Marcus Group. He serves on multiple for profit and non-profit boards. Steve holds an MBA from the Harvard Business School and a BA in Economics from Tufts University. He lives in Dallas, Texas 

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