Mar 05 2024


11:00 am - 12:00 pm

Roundtable Fusion Strategy: How Real-time Data and AI will Power the Industrial Future with Venkat Venkatraman

The laws of competitive advantage are changing, rewarding companies who have the most robust, data-driven insights rather than the most valuable assets. To compete in the new digital age, companies need to use real-time data to turbocharge their products, strategies, and customer relationships. Those that don’t risk falling on the wrong side of the next great digital divide. 

Fusion Strategy is the way forward. On March 5th, Venkat Venkatraman, digital strategy expert and co-author of the upcoming book Fusion Strategy, will meet with members to discuss how companies can leverage the power of digital—enabled by the rise of cheap and powerful sensors, supercomputers, and artificial intelligence—to make strategic connections that would otherwise be impossible. 

Members will learn: 

  • The concept of “Fusion Strategy” – the digitization of the industrial world where physical and digital domains blend. 
  • How tech giants like Facebook and Google collect real-time data from billions of users, and how industrial companies can now do the same with sensors, computing, and AI. 
  • How to use real-time data and AI to “turbocharge” your products, strategies, and customer relationships. 

Join the conversation to find out how Fusion Strategy can help you develop a stream of fluid, data-rich insights and position your organization for the digital future. 

Pre-read: Heavy Machinery Meets AI (HBR) 

Venkat Venkatraman is the David J. McGrath Professor at Boston University’s Questrom School of Business, where he is a member of both the information systems and strategy and innovation departments. His current research focuses on how companies develop winning digital strategies. His latest book is The Digital Matrix: New Rules for Business Transformation Through Technology. 

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