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Beyond Hierarchy: Interview with Kevin Nolan of GE Appliances

In this session, Kevin Nolan—President & CEO of GE Appliances—discusses GEA’s transformation and learnings they underwent as they adapted the Haier business model and practices. 

Beyond Hierarchy: Thought Leader Panel

In this session, Thought Leaders Martin Reeves, Rita McGrath, and Tony O’Driscoll discuss the parameters and implications to consider when it comes to ecosystems, and how they relate to hierarchies. As a shift from traditional org structure continues to gain traction, it’s important to consider various factors discussed in this session.

Outthinkers Podcast


#21—Alex Osterwalder: How Investing in Culture Ecosystems Leads to Innovation

Alex Osterwalder has spent his career developing frameworks, ideas and models around innovation, becoming one of the foremost experts on innovation. In this episode, he shares his thoughts on why when all is said and done, innovation starts with culture, and how to ensure you’re building the right ecosystem in your own organization.


#41—Keith Ferrazzi: Redesigning Your Workforce with Radical Adaptability

Keith Ferrazzi is author of several New York Times bestsellers, and has coached and led many in transforming organizations. In this podcast, he shares powerful insights based on his research of how to transform the workplace in these unprecedented times.

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