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Proprietary company-specific networks that enable peers to connect, collaborate, learn, and reinforce learning together across silos.

Connectivity among talent within an organization is a necessary condition for successful enterprise-wide initiatives and business effectiveness.


Large organizations still struggle to enable peer-to-peer collaboration across silos, resulting in:

Our peer-network has been proven effectively to:

Develop a shared learning culture​

Connect distributed talent

Enable internal innovation

Accelerate transformation efforts

Three (3) Distinct Advantages of the Outthinker Networks Model

Unique and Proven

Our model integrates 3 engagement modes and is proven to be:

  • Easily integrated into participants’ flow of work
  • More efficient (through peer-to-peer learning)
  • Recognized by participants and uniquely valuable

Vast Thought-Leader Community

We have cultivated a global community of thought-leaders enabling us to deliver:

  • The “best of the best” thought leaders…  not limited by academic institution, consultancy,   or institution
  • Curation informed by a deep understanding of thought leaders’ content and style

A Learning Solution Built for Today

Our approach diverges from traditional ones in 4 fundamental ways:

  • Learning approach directly by participant challenges
  • Curation driven by participant needs
  • Frequency that builds trust and intimacy
  • Adaptive to today’s world of rapid change

On-going 1:1 Conversations

Outthinker onboards and continually communicates with each individual participant to ensure curation remains aligned to the most important challenges.

On Demand Challenge Forums

Rapid, small-format sessions in which participants convene to support and experience-share around a specific challenge as they emerge.

Monthly Roundtables

In-person and/or vitual events with a capped number of participants to enable conversations with relevant experts.

On-going 1:1 Concierge

Formal networking through intentionally designed meetups and strategically relevant 1:1 introductions.


Conversations and the shared knowledge developed by the network interactions are recorded, packaged, and made available on-demand through a dedicated platform

Our unique Peer-to-Peer is more efficient and integrates into the Flow of Work

What participants say:

"A group of supportive peers who are facing (or already solved) the same challenge—there's a big focus on practicality."

"Learning only from people in your department is unlikely to lead to a breakthrough idea or differentiation. Here, I get fresh perspectives of ideas."

"It's like getting McKinsey-level advice from peers you know genuinely have your best interest at heart."

- Maxim Vendorov

"Keeps me plugged into what is happening right now which keeps me ahead of the curve. I don't need to wait for an outdated best practices report next quarter or year."

- Maxim Vendorov

Meet some members of our vast Community of Thought-Leaders and Experts​

Rita McGrath
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Tendayi Viki
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Felix Oberholzer-Gee
Read Bio
Peter Fader
Read Bio
Rob Wolcott
Adjunct Professor
Read Bio
Whitney Johnson
CEO and Co-Founder
Read Bio
Michael Tushman
Read Bio
Ram Charan
Global Business Consultant
Read Bio
James Stavridis
Managing Director, Vice Chairman
Read Bio
Robbie Kellman Baxter
Consultant, Speaker
Read Bio
Linda Hill
Read Bio
Faith Popcorn
Founder, CEO
Read Bio
Vijay Govindarajan
Distinguished Professor
Read Bio
Hubert Joly
Senior Lecturer
Read Bio
Tom Davenport
Distinguished Professor
Read Bio
Hermann Simon
Founder, Chairman
Read Bio
Linda Yates
Founder, CEO
Read Bio
Julia Boorstin
Senior Media & Technology Reporter
Read Bio

Closer to need

Higher ROI

More Adaptive

Greater Collaboration

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