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A powerful network of senior strategy executives

What is the OSN?

The Outthinker Strategy Network (OSN) is a global peer group of chief strategy officers and executives seeking to drive impactful change in their organizations to ensure they continue to thrive in the future. 

What we do

Outthinker Networks supports members to be more successful in performing their role, solving their top challenges, and in keeping their organization ahead of the pace of disruption.​


  • The OSN is invitation only
  • Members are C-level, SVP, EVP executives that lead strategy and/or innovation for large organizations or business units.

You have found your peers if you ...​

How are we different?

Parameters Traditional Networks​ Outthinker Networks​
Established Practices​
Emerging Knowledge and Know how​
Source of Knowledge​
Proprietary institution branded research/knowledge and instructor​
Peer-to-peer knowledge and thought leadership from across institutions (based on merit and usefulness)​
Experience curation ​
Based on what's trending ​
Driven by the needs of members​
Business model​
Provider is part of a larger organization with complementary services (consulting, training, intelligence)​
Independent with no biased interest in the group, only to serve the members and their missions ​
To share knowledge through products (reports, consulting, best-practices)​
To build a global community focused on positively advancing organizations and society
Focus on expert frameworks – what everybody should do through instructor taught best practices​
Focus on building a future oriented mindset to better explore opportunities and build better companies for the world through peer-to-peer learning​
Content developed by experts​
Co-developed by the interaction of practitioners and experts ​

Dialogue and networking with peers​


In-person and virtual events with a capped number of participants to enable conversation and dialogue.


Formal and and informal networking through events, meetups, 1:1 curated introductions, happy hours, etc.

Challenge Forums

Members convene to discuss and experience-share around a specific challenge being faced by an OSN peer.

What members say?