Simplify Your Strategy with Unifi Aviation

Simplifying strategy and prioritizing alignment can help organizations navigate an increasingly complex and uncertain business environment. In a recent Quartz interview with Outthinker Networks, Ying McPherson, chief commercial officer and former chief strategy officer at Unifi Aviation shared her insights on how her team shifted from managing multiple disjointed projects to focusing on just three key goals each quarter. 

This strategic simplification, along with an emphasis on alignment over process, helped Unifi cut through complexity to improve decision-making, accountability, and results.

"Focusing on fewer key, critical goals can result in streamlined operations and increased clarity, engagement, and cohesion throughout the organization."

The article, “5 Ways to Increase Clarity and Accountability at the Office,” provides a case study on how leaders can cultivate cross-functional collaboration and clarity around strategic priorities. It underscores why organizations should resist matching external complexity with intricate internal strategies, and instead aim for simplicity and alignment to drive cohesion and engagement.

Unifi’s story offers an insightful look at how strategic focus and unity can steer organizations through unpredictable environments.


Claudio Garcia
Claudio GarciaPresident - OSN
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Cori Dombroski
Cori DombroskiMember Experience - OSN
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