What members say

What members say about the Outthinker Network

“A group of peer strategists who focus on practicality.”
- Kalina Nikolova, Yahoo
“It's amazing to connect with the best thought leaders out there.”
- Milena Schaefer, Fanatics
“The OSN connects me with other strategists are experiencing or have already faced the same challenges I am facing.”
- Tom Sholes
“Curated learning focused on my top strategic challenges. ”
- Caroline O’Connell, Equitable
“Very engaging dialogue. I’m compelled and convinced. ”
- Sukanya Soderland, BCBSMA

Outthinker Network Member companies have realized immense value from the actionable tools, exclusive insights, fresh ideas, and professional connections created at CSO Roundtables and other Outthinker Network events.

The individuals representing their organizations have describe the Outthinker Network as “invaluable for bringing new ideas and transformative thinking into their organizations” – enhancing the efficacy and success of their strategy teams and furthering the trajectory of their individual careers.

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